We understand what your childs teeth need

Preventive Dentistry for kids:

Visits to a dentist by children as young as 2 years of age, is important in order to detect any problems in growth and oral health as soon as possible. Early visits also gets them used to having their teeth checked, relieving any problems of visits as they get older.f you child has had the following signs, symptoms or habits please contact Smile Concepts Dental Surgery to get an opinion on the necessary management crooked teeth

grinding teeth and worn down teeth

teeth not meeting in the front (open bite)


breathing problems

bed wetting

multiple ear infections

thumb sucking
Good dental care is an essential part of healthy living for adults and children alike but dental care for children depends much on the parents and guardians of children and the children’s dentist who is entrusted with their care.

The general health, growth and development of children are known to be linked to chilldrens dental health and that is why it is necessary to be alert and observe the child carefully right since the first baby tooth erupts. It is important to take children to a specialist dental care clinic for regular checkups. Regular visits to children’s dental clinics can prevent tooth decay and other problems or catch them in their early stages so that corrective measures can be taken in time. Another advantage of regular visits to the child dentists is that the child gets used to the dental examinations from an early age and does not resist going there or getting treated here.

Beyond Braces is the right place for the best children dental care in Pune. We have a team of the best child dentists in Pune who have the skills and experience to take good care of childrens dental health and take all measures to ensure that their growth and development are not hampered because of untreated dental problems.

Parents and guardians should also look for any abnormal symptoms such as the child grinding teeth and causing them to wear down, the top and bottom teeth not meeting in the front, primary teeth not having spaces in between them, snoring, thumb sucking or needing a pacifier often and any other thing that is not normal.

When the top and bottom teeth of a child do not meet in the front and there Is a gap, the child is not able to chew correctly which might affect the general health of the child. The cause of this gap is ascertained and corrective measures taken accordingly. When the baby teeth do not have spaces between them, there will not be enough space for the permanent teeth to come out evenly and the permanent teeth will be overcrowded and crooked. Whether the jaw of the child is developing normally can also be found out during regular examinations and the reasons for the curtailed growth ascertained. Thumb sucking, using a pacifier continually are some of the reasons why the jaw, especially the growth of the upper jaw is impeded.

Parents and guardians should be aware and attentive about dental health of children and make sure that they get regular attention and treatment from the best of Sydney childrens dentist. Good dental health ensures that teeth have a long life and serve you effectively.