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Tooth jewellery is a new craze, which has come over from the USA. Tooth jewellery usually comes in the form of small gems and stones, which are fitted to the teeth to give them a unique look. There are however other forms of dental jewellery available, including dental grills as made famous by American hip hop artists, removable tooth gems for short-term results, and the touching if not eccentric option of milk teeth jewellery. You can always buy jewel stickers for your teeth but if you want a proper fixed jewel, you should always see your dentist. Teeth jewellery is generally more popular with females than males. However, many males do choose to have the treatment.

Teeth Gems and Stones :

The application of teeth gems and stones is likened to having an orthodontic bracket applied to the teeth, with no need for drilling. There are two main types of tooth gems and stones currently on the market; these include twinkles and dental gems. Twinkles: twinkles are usually gold or white gold and come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Other precious stones including rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also available. Dental gems: dental gems are small glass crystals that come in a range of different colours and are often more obvious than twinkles.

Tooth gems and stones procedure :

The procedure to attach jewels to the teeth is very simple and quick, sometimes as little as ten minutes. The gems and stones are fixed to the teeth using a strong adhesive. The dentist will discuss the procedure with you and you can then choose which kind of stone you want and select the design. Your dentist will then clean your teeth thoroughly and fix the jewel to the tooth. If you have dental health problems you may be advised to get treatment before you have the jewel fitted.